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Great Water Pro Series 2300 water softener

£869.00 ex. vat

The Pro Series water softeners have been developed using all the 53 years of engineering excellence at our disposal and are wholly manufactured in our dedicated factory using the latest robotics and quality control standards. Our patented vessel design ensures great water quality throughout the range of flow as well as efficient use of salt and water.

  • Suitable for larger family homes
  • Peak flow rate of 80 litres per minute
  • Built in auto flushing filter to 20 micron
  • Up to 4m³ of soft water per day
  • 20-minute regeneration
  • 10 Year Warranty option*

Made to Be Better:

  • Megabore Full 1” valve an all models = Great flow rates
  • Patented LamFlow® system = Softer water and less salt
  • Mega-Flow SUPER water-flex™ Stainless steel pipes supplied as standard
  • FlexBrain® Auto adjusting controller meters, regenerates and adjusts salt dosage
  • Uberfine® softening resin = Faster exchange kinetics for fast efficient regeneration. Just 9 minutes on Pro Series 1400.

* Subject to Registration, Terms and Conditions

Overall Height
Inlet/Outlet Height
Depth Including Connections
Overflow Height
Width Including Connections
Media Volume
Max. Feed Water Hardness
Max. Ferrous Iron
Min. pH
Salt Usage Per Regeneration
Water Usage Per Regeneration
Capacity (max @ 300mg/l hardness)
Nominal Pressure Range
Working Pressure (max. daytime)
Min. Pressure
Water Temp. Range
Ambient Temp. Range
Flow Rage @ 1 Bar
Peak Flow Rate
In/Out Connection Size
Waste Connection Size
Overflow Connection Size
Power Requirement
Salt Type
Salt Storage Capacity
Shipping Weight
In/Out Pipes Supplied
Waste Pipe Supplied
B/F Pipe Supplied
Pro Series 2300
20 litres
1200 mg/l
10 mg/l
Variable based on water demand
53 litres (Default)
4900 litres
1.4 – 8.3 Bar
5 Bar
1.4 Bar
4 – 49°C
4 – 49°C
45 lpm
80 lpm
1″ Threaded
16mm Barbed
13mm Barbed
220 VAC/50 HZ
Pair ¾ ” Bore 1” to ¾ “Female Megaflow Super Water Flex. Stainless steel hoses. 600 mm long
Semi rigid 13mm x 1200mm
Flexible 16mm x 2400mm

Great Water


Water Softener



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