Ideal Logic Max Combi 2 30kw Combi Deal

£1,140.00 ex. vat


The Deal Comes With Ideal System Filter, and comes with the Adey central heating system treatment pack for free.


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Boilers Spec

Weight (Packaged) kg 33.0
max installation weight kg 28.6
CH output (kW) min/max mean 70°C 6.1 - 24.2
CH output (kW) min/max mean 40°C 6.4-25.6
DHW Output (kW) max 30.3
DHW flow rate l/min. 35°C rise 12.4
SEDBUK rating (2005) % 91.1
SEDBUK rating (2009/2012) % 89.6
NOx classification CLASS 6
Water heating efficiency class A
Max horizontal flue (m) 8m
Max vertical flue (m) 7.5
Seasonal space heating efficiency class A
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency (ηs) % 94
Sound power level, indoors (LWA dB) 46
Convert to LPG Yes
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