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Great Water Pro Series 1400 Water Softener

£599.00 ex. vat

Suitable for households of up to 7 people Side connections for ease of plumbing in tight spaces Peak flow rate of 58 litres per minute Built in auto flushing filter to 20 micron 15 minute regeneration 10 Year Warranty option* Made To Be Better:

Megabore Full 1” valve an all models = Great flow rates Patented LamFlow® system = Softer water and less salt Mega-Flow SUPER water-flex™ Stainless steel pipes supplied as standard. FlexBrain® Auto adjusting controller meters, regenerates and adjusts salt dosage Uberfine® softening resin = Faster exchange kinetics for fast efficient regeneration. Just 9 minutes on Pro Series 1400. In addition to traditional tablet salt, block salt can also be used for the 1400 Model, and is much easier to handle than the bags of conventional salt.




Water Softener



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