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CalMag Magnetic Scale Inhibitor (22mm Compression)

£40.00 ex. vat

Hard water affects 60% of the UK and if left untreated, central heating systems and appliances are at risk of hard scale damage. The CalMag magnetic scale inhibitor is suitable for installation on cold water lines for preventing the formation of limescale. The unit is supplied as standard with 22mm compression fittings offering whole house protection.

Product Details

  • No maintenance
  • No chemicals
  • One model suits all applications
  • Combination product
  • Whole house protection
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Material: Chrome plated copper
  • Fittings: 22mm compression (STD)
  • Maximum working pressure: 12 bar (168 psi) Maximum temperature: 80 deg C
  • Maximum flow rate: 1.08 l/sec (14gpm)
  • WRAS approved



Scale Reducer



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